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FDM prototyping & Silicone mold making

FDM Technology We do FDM based prototyping using an in-house 3D print farm. The process involve:  Custom designing - we work with open file formats like STL. Models are pre-processed in software and inspected for flaws. Pre-production test - Models are analyzed for production feasibility, some samples are made. Production - Models are printed. Finishing touches are given to each item - Items are finished with various methods.. A concept received from client Print Farm 3D Model Finished product Silicone mold making We make silicone molds using industry standards, Different techniques are used, as required to create specific type of silicone mold. Silicone molds are categorized based on below criteria : Hardness - Hardness in shores, we use medium hardness ranges from 20-30 shores, for molds upto 15 cm in height. Hardness can be changed, as per client requirement. Intricacy - Molds with higher level of details require special treatments like high pressure casting, at Craftial curve (CC-I

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